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MX250 by Tribute
MX250 by Tribute MX250 by Tribute
MX250 by Tribute MX250 by Tribute
MX250 by Tribute MX250 by Tribute
MX250 by Tribute MX250 by Tribute
MX 250 Base Car

The base car for the TRIBUTE MX250 kit is the MAZDA MX5 MkI, but it can also be fitted to the Mk2 with some modifications to the kit. With 50:50 front/rear weight balance it has outstanding handling. Available in 1.6 and 1.8 RWD set up, it weights in at just over 1 ton giving excellent power to weight ratio.

Now very affordable in the UK, with prices ranging from £400 for an MOT’d example.

Many of the cars, especially imports, have been modified by previous owners. This can be very useful when stripping the base car and selling the unwanted parts, as they can fetch a premium resale price and help you recoupe part of the cost of the base car.

All MX5’s are equipped with alloy wheels, 14” as standard, but some have been upgraded to 15", 16“ or 17” by previous owners. Again, these can be sold to help towards the cost of the new wheels that will be required to build a TRIBUTE MX250.

Below is an example of a realistic entry level self build cost for a TRIBUTE MX250 HARD TOP:

Base car purchase (Example £650 minus £250 parts sold) = £400

Tribute MX250 kit = £1970 + VAT

Lights, hinges, grille, rear glass etc from = £170

Alloy wheels and tyres (2nd hand) from = £350

Prep and paint from = £1000

Other sundry assembly items = £200
Total = £4090

Additonal Parts required

The MX250 kit can be finished using parts that suit your own taste and style when it comes to items such as lights etc. As a guide to help start your search for these items here are some of the parts you may wish to use (use these words to search Ebay etc):

Chrome boot hinges (Classic Mini)

Chrome petrol cap (Classic Mini)

Chrome number plate lights

Ford Mondeo grille (1997-2000)

7" Headlights (Classic Mini)

7" Headlight buckets

Land Rover light set

Chrome bonnet pins

Aluminium grill mesh

Classic chrome door mirrors

Front 15 x 7.5" with et (offset) 20mm (no spacers)
Rear 15 x 9" with et (offset) 15mm (+25mm spacers)
These are typical /example sizes, many different wheel/tyre set up's
have been fitted.

Some useful links for parts supply:

Basic Fitting Instructions

Once unwanted parts have been removed from the base MX5 the new GRP kit front end panels can be bolted on.

The rear wheel arches of the MX5 will require "rolling outwards for clearance before the new GRP kit rear end panels can be bonded on.

The new GRP kit bonnet and boot panels can then be hinged and latched, rear window, lights and new wheels fitted.

More detailed fitting instructions can be found at:

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